“THE COMPANY” is abcadsecure being the organisation responsible for the product (which may be a zone chart or may be consultancy based) which is the subject of the order, sometimes referred to as “our” or “we” in these Terms and Conditions.

“THE CUSTOMER” is the person or organisation being a signatory to this order, sometimes referred to as “you” or “your” in these Terms and Conditions.

“THE ORDER” means the Quotation, together with these Terms and Conditions.

 “QUOTATION” means the proposed price for the required product or service as itemised in the order

2        GENERAL

Acceptance of this order, signified by the signature of each party, includes acceptance of these Terms and Conditions along with any other requirements defined in the Specification.  For the purposes of interpretation, where the requirements of the Specification conflict with any clauses of these Terms and Conditions, the Specification requirements shall take precedence.  All other terms and conditions not contained in or implied by the order are excluded.  Nothing in these Terms and Conditions, either stated or implied, shall detract from the Customer’s statutory rights.

3        COSTS

i)   The quoted costs may be revised if:

a)   you want the work carried out more urgently than agreed, or

b)   you change the requirement

d)   there are any other special circumstances we were not aware of when supplying our original quotation.

ii)  If you are late in paying us, we may charge you interest at the rate of 4% per year over the base rate of Barclays Bank plc from the due date until the date we receive payment.


i)  We agree to complete the product or service and deliver it as previously agreed in our quotation to provide that product or service

ii) We agree that, if any of the workmanship is incorrect or does not meet the original requirements as shown in the quotation, we will amend the    product free of charges


I)               You must check the drawings before

II)              and on completion of works

           The Customer accepts liability for final checking and accuracy of drawings.

 6              FORCE MAJEURE

Any failure by the Company to fulfil any of its obligations under the terms of this order due to reasons beyond its control shall not be considered a breach of this Agreement


This agreement is governed by the laws of England and Wales, Scotland or Northern Ireland as the case may be and each party submits to the jurisdiction of the courts thereof.